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Welcome to my Web site. my name is Jay t. Armstrong, im 14 years old, i live in Lanzarote and i looooove dragonball z... If you like it too then your in the right place here you'll find lots of dragonball, z, gt, x, ultimate muscle family guy images, wallpapers, links and loads more...
I also like skateboarding, video gaming, drawing, surfing the net and movies, here you'l find lots of cool stuff like that aswell(movie reviews, whats on in the cinema, links, comics, photos, game ratings and reviews etc)...
so let the fun begin...
27/3/04; doing spring clean at the moment,
should be done in the next week...

10/3/04; changes made!

10/3/04; fan-art added, animations,
pictures, a biography of Akira and
more links also added!
This is my great new site, it isn't done yet but very soon it will become the greatest movie and cinema archive on the net! So just click above and join straight away!
a sweet dbz group, with everything you need to know, and thought you didi of dbz, and more..!!!
Family Guy Files
The official family guy website complete with an episode list and loads of cool junk...
ultimate muscle
The official ultimate muscle fox website, check it out...
The unofficial family guy website crammed with cool stuff about the show...
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